green therapy Creative Sessions

‘There is power in eternity, and it is green.’ Hildegard von Bingen

Wild & Green facilitate grounding green therapy creative sessions in the South Lakes area, with a focus on connecting with nature and promoting an eco-centric way of nourishing our souls and reconnecting our love of biophilia.

Connecting with nature allows you to explore your personal healing, well- being and development journey.

Using seasonal and local flowers and plants with holistic and healing properties, delving into the meaning of individual plants and flowers and their scents and colours, this creative space promotes well-being, self-esteem, creativity, communication and environmental awareness in a kind, relaxed, safe and social environment. All materials used are natural with an eco-friendly, sustainable and zero waste philosophy.

I collaborate with a wide range of private and charity-based clients and events. All creative sessions are bespoke and tailored for individual seasons, locations, abilities and well-being needs.

I facilitate green therapy creative retreats both indoors and outdoors, in the woods. I also guide nature based yoga and green therapy retreats.

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